Local Education Assistance Basic Information

The Fund will assist students of local schools and education institutes approved by the Fund for its Education Assistance Scheme. The Fund reserves the right to remove any institutes from its Education Assistance Scheme

FNPF Approved Education Institutes and Home Stays/ Hostels (Local)

FNPF only recognizes the following institutes and home stays or hostels for its local education assistance for tertiary studies:

Approved Education Institutes

  1. University of the South Pacific
  2. Fiji National University
  3. Fulton College
  4. Corpus Christi College
  5. University of Fiji
  6. Sangam Institute of Technology - School of Nursing

Approved Homestay & Hostels

  1. Turner House
  2. Viva's Home stay
  3. The Salvation Army
  4. Reki Home Stay
  5. Maikali's Home Stay
  6. Bethany Hostel

Overseas Education Assistance Basic Information

Where students have enrolled for Foundation studies and tertiary level education in overseas schools or institutes, the Fund is able to assist for tuition fees, accommodation costs and incidental expenses.

Guidelines for Local Education Assistance

  1. FNPF will assist students of education institutes only when the institutes are approved by the Fund for education assistance.
  2. FNPF will only assist students in Form 7, vocational and tertiary level education and other equivalent courses recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC)
  3. Amount assisted for Forms 7 will be net of the amount paid by the Ministry of Education.
  4. Education assistance is for member, spouse, children, or brother/sister only.
  5. The amount applied must be within the member's Education Eligibility.
  6. Assistance is also for accommodation and meals at hostels approved under the Fund's assistance scheme.
  7. The maximum assistance for accommodation will be $2,000 per student per calendar year.
  8. Accommodation costs will be considered if the student lives outside of location of the institute.
  9. The Fund only assists for courses that are examinable and may result in the attainment of an academic certificate.
  10. Courses where students only acquire certificate of participation will not be accepted.
  11. The Fund does not assist for online studies with Overseas Institutes.
  12. The request for education expenses should be for the previous and/or current semester/trimester school year enrolment within a calendar year.
  13. The Fund does not assist repayment of outstanding bonds or loans.
  14. The Fund does not assist for Examination fees for professional membership.
  15. The Fund reserves the right to remove any previously assisted course.

Overseas Education Assistance Guidelines

  1. Assistance is for the member, spouse, children and brother/sister only.
  2. The Fund will only assist for tuition fees and accommodation costs for tertiary foundation studies and tertiary level education.
  3. Assistance may also be extended for Incidental Expenses not exceeding F$5,000.
  4. If two people are applying for the same student, their joint withdrawal should not exceed F$20,000 for one student, of which is inclusive of incidental.
  5. If member's eligibility is less than 50% of the full cost of the course, the member must show evidence of funds to cover the difference.
  6. Payment for tuition and accommodation fee will be made directly to the institute. Only incidental expenses will be made to member's bank account.
  7. Payment made overseas is via bank draft or telegraphic transfer (TT) and the related bank fees will be paid for by the member from the funds withdrawn.
  8. If the member has sourced funds from elsewhere for the education expenses, the Fund will not reimburse the member for the same expenses.

Local Education Assistance Checklist & Forms

  1. The member must fill the prescribed application Form (PW02) for local education assistance and completed forms and documents of evidence must be originals.
  2. Invoice from the Institute confirming tuition fees to be paid.
  3. Documents confirming relationship of the student to the member like birth certificate or marriage certificate.
  4. Invoice for accommodation from the approved home stay or hostel.
  5. Processing fee of $10 is charged per application.

Overseas Education Assistance Checklist & Forms

  1. The member must fill the prescribed application Form W30/3 and documents of evidence must be originals.
  2. Acceptance letter and invoice from overseas tertiary institute stating the duration of the course, details of fees, due dates for fees payment and school bank account details.
  3. Evidence from the institute providing (institute's) details for payment by telegraphic transfer or postal address or bank transfers.
  4. Evidence from the institute that student is enrolled at the institution.
  5. Invoice for accommodation from the home stay or hostel.
  6. Certified copies of the student's passport pages showing details of passport holder, the validity of the passport and the student's visa covering the period of study.
  7. Evidence of other funds where FNPF eligibility or funds applied for do not cover the 50% of course costs.
  8. Documents confirming relationship of the student to the member
  9. Evidence of member's banker confirming the member's open bank account number for payment deposits.
  10. Evidence should not be more than a month old
  11. If the student visa is not available at the time of the application, approval will be granted on the condition that payment will be processed after sighting of the student's visa or Approval in Principle letter submitted with a signed Memorandum of Understanding for education assistance between the member and the Fund.
  12. Processing fee of $10 is charged per application.

If the person being assisted is a member of the Fund and has eligibility for partial withdrawal, he/she must use his/her eligibility first before any other member can assist.